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Terror in Turkey

3 August 2019:

Turkey takes firm steps toward eradicating terror threats

One-hundred-sixty-five terrorists in total including two from the blue category, two from the orange category and 13 from the grey category of the most wanted list of the Ministry of Interior were killed in counterterrorism operations, Interior Ministry Deputy Minister İsmail Çataklı said, revealing the steps the country is taking and their success against terrorism.

The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) were successful in numerous operations carried out in July and eliminated 17 high-ranking terrorists. In the operation at Mount Tendürek on July 28, one of the terrorists killed, Uğur Arslan, code named Agir, was in the orange category of the Interior Ministry's wanted list. He was sought with a bounty of TL 600,000 on his head.

Another terrorist, Meryem Aksu, was on Turkey's most-wanted list. Aksu, code named Sorhin Eruh, was neutralized in a July 16 operation carried out by provincial gendarmerie forces in the rural areas of Kulp district. The orange-listed Aksu had a TL 600,000 bounty on her head. In addition, two listed in the blue category, Taylan Kutlar, code named Şeydo, and Hülya Kül, code named Şevin, who had bounties of TL 1.5 million were also killed.

Police detain 735 PKK terrorists, supporters in Turkey-wide operations

Turkish security forces detained hundreds of members and supporters of the PKK terror group, the Interior Ministry said Sunday.

Some 735 suspects were apprehended Friday as part of 156 operations across Turkey, the ministry said.

The suspects were planning to organize massive demonstrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the capture of the imprisoned leader of the PKK, Abdullah Öcalan, who was detained in Kenya on Feb. 15, 1999, as well as to spread chaos ahead of March 31 local elections in Turkey.

The security forces also seized six long-barreled guns, 32 hunting rifles, 14 heavy weapon ammunition, 19 handguns, other various ammunitions, 1 hand grenade, 20 kilograms (44 pounds) of TNT, 225 kg of ammonium nitrate, 16 mines and improvised explosive devices. Source

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