About Mehmet Hanefi Sözen
Told by the sources

January 16, 2017

He is wanted by Turkish authorities and was on their "Most Wanted" list in the orange category in January 2017.

Charged with test fraud. Charged with allowing cheating during the public service recruitment test. Latest information on his location points to Thailand.

The imam sought in the KPSS investigation. He went abroad on November 29, 2014. According to the latest information in Thailand. (3)

.............Prosecutors say that out of the 3,227 people passing the exam with the highest grades, 1,970 had intricate ties including multiple phone calls and more than half of them skipped the new exam held after the 2010 edition was canceled over cheating allegations, in order to dodge suspicions.

The indictment also claims "61 percent" of suspects had ties to Mehmet Hanefi Sözen and Nebil Ekiz, two suspects currently at large who were working at a prep school and a nongovernmental organization
linked to the terror cult when they allegedly obtained questions and answers to the exam and distributed them to FETÖ followers. Prosecutors say 896 participants who scored highly on the exam were married couples. Other interesting links between suspects are that the majority of suspects who scored high marks in the exam were working in the same companies and most of them gave the same address as the address of their residence while applying for the exam. (1)

.................. The indictment says that those who scored well on the exam were mostly people attending the same prep schools, private schools or employees of the same company, and a high percentage of successful participants were relatives. Prosecutors say evidence points to close relations between several suspects, including Mehmet Hanefi Sözen, who was the head of a nongovernmental organization and a suspected high-ranking Gülenist who is accused of delivering questions and answers to would-be participants. Sözen remains at large. The indictment points to alleged links between the companies suspects worked at and companies abroad linked to FETÖ as evidence of the organization's active involvement in the fraud along with suspicious money transfers between those companies in Turkey and "Gülenist schools and companies abroad." (2)

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