About Mustafa Özcan
Told by the sources

January 17, 2017

He is wanted by Turkish authorities and was on their "Most Wanted" list in the red categoryin January 2017.

Fatih University former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Turkey Imam Mustafa Ozcan, who managed the illegal organization of Parallel Building at the same time, fled abroad on 7 January 2014. Ozcan was last in Kazakhstan. (1)

Number 2 of FETÖ. Known as the Turkey imam. Was associated with the Fatih University, befor fleeing on Jan. 7, 2014. Was first seen in Belgium. He later moved to the U.S. befor ending up in Kyrgystan. (2)

According to the source, Mustafa Özcan is the number two figure after Gülen himself. Known as the so-called "imam," Özcan took the responsibility for FETÖ-linked schools in Balkan countries in 2007. Özcan's current whereabouts are unknown. (3)

Hüseyin Gülerce stated during his interview with Hadi Özışık, that the unknown member, with whom Gülen was speaking, is Mustafa Özcan. Mustafa Özcan, according to Gülerce, is a highly controversial name who has close ties with Fethullah Gülen. Gülerce said "Anyone who went against this man was unable to exist in the Gülen community. Gülen does not believe everything Mustafa Özcan tells him, but he takes Özcan's advice on security issues." (4)


'GÜLEN AT TOP OF PYRAMID, KNOWS THE MOST CONFIDENTIAL THINGS'Talking about the FETÖ's structure, Gülerce said Gülen is at the top of the pyramid and is the only one who knows the most confidential things.

According to Gülerce, there are only two people around Gülen who have the privilege to know about some of the most confidential information. "Osman Şimşek and Cevdet Türkyolu know what Gülen has always been up to," he added.

Explaining that Gülen has "strictly confidential henchmen" in Turkey, Gülerce said these men, who are called imams, deal with the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), police and judiciary. "Adil Öksüz and Mustafa Özcan are only two of the imams. There are plenty," he added.

Öksüz allegedly started holding meetings with the FETÖ junta planning the coup six months before the July 15 attempt, relaying Gülen's instructions on how to carry it out.

Öksüz was the only civilian at the Akıncı Air Base, from which jets manned by coup pilots took off to hit strategic locations, and the FETÖ allegedly organized the attempt. (5)

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