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January 20, 2017

According to the source, Mustafa Özcan is the number two figure after Gülen himself. Known as the so-called "imam," Özcan took the responsibility for FETÖ-linked schools in Balkan countries in 2007. Özcan's current whereabouts are unknown.

The 10 other senior figures in the organization are İsmet Aksoy, Naci Tosun, Şerif Ali Tekalan, İrfan Yılmaz, Reşit Haylamaz, Abdullah Aymaz, Mehmet Erdoğan Tuzun, Mehmet Ali Şengül, Mustafa Yeşil, and Sadık Kesmeci.
The source said these senior managers left Turkey in 2014, but their current whereabouts are unknown. (1)

Former General Director of Cihan News Agency. He has been acting as a mullah in the organization. Fled abroadon on 29.9.2015. (2)

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(2) www.sabah.com.tr/gundem/2015/12/14/iste-fetonun-beyin-takimi-1450060335

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