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Bruce Fein (born March 12, 1947) is an American lawyer who specializes in constitutional and international law. Fein has written numerous articles on constitutional issues for The Washington Times, Slate.com, The New York Times, and Legal Times, and is active on civil liberties issues. He has worked for the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation, both conservative think tanks, as an analyst and commentator.

Fein is a principal in a government affairs and public relations firm, The Lichfield Group, in Washington, D.C..He is also a resident scholar at the Turkish Coalition of America.


Of: Turkish American Legal Defense Fund

Suite 1000

1025 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036

(202) 370-1399, ext 3

Web: bruce@thelichfieldgroup.com

Armenian Genocide

Fein is a resident scholar at the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA), works with the Turkish American Legal Defense Fund, and actively denies the Armenian Genocide.

Fein has penned several articles on the topic, including in The Washington Times and The Huffington Post. Fein denies racial, ethnic or religious motivation for the Armenian Genocide.

Court cases:

His first action as a lawyer was to participate, in the name of the Assembly of Turkish American Associations to the court case against Mourad Topalian, sentenced in 2001 for illegal storing of war weapons and explosives, linked to the Justice Commandos against Armenian Genocide.

Together with David Saltzman, he represented Armenian Genocide denier Guenter Lewy in an action against the Southern Poverty Law Center. After filing a complaint, ] the TALDF obtained a public statement of retraction and apologies from SPLC, and a monetary compensation to Prof. Lewy.

Fein is also one of the attorneys for Rep. Jean Schmidt, another Armenian Genocide denier, in action against David Krikorianand of the TCA against University of Minnesota.The House Ethics Committee recently found that Fein had misled Schmidt by failing to disclose to her that his fees in connection with the litigation against David Krikorian were being paid by the TCA.] (1)

The Ethics Committee: "However, the committee has found that Rep. Schmidt's lawyers failed to inform her of their payment arrangement with TCA, and made false and misleading statements to her about their relationship with TCA and TALDF. Because Rep. Schmidt did not know she was receiving a gift from TCA, the committee has determined that no sanction is appropriate in this case." (2)

(1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Fein

(2) www.politico.com/blogs/on-congress/2011/08/house-ethics-jean-schmidt-took-improper-500k-gift-but-not-guilty-of-violation-038145

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