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January 17, 2017

Imam of the Aegean Region Bekir Baz to the US on September 3, 2014. (1)

He is wanted by Turkish authorities and was on their "Most Wanted" list in the orange category in January 2017.

Bekir Baz
, an imam coordinating Gülenists activities in western Turkey are among those wanted by police. Baz was already targeted in a July operation against the FETÖ in the city of İzmir although the police were unable to locate him. (2)

Bekir Baz, the alleged representative of the Gülen Movement in Turkey's Agean region where İzmir is located, remains at large, while media outlets claim he fled abroad, as police raided his house as part of the operations in İzmir.

.................One of the places the police raided was Yamanlar College, a renowned school linked to the movement. The police searched a room at the school once occupied by Fethullah Gülen himself before he left for Pennsylvania, in the U.S., where he currently resides. The room was later allocated to Bekir Baz, an "imam" or point man for the Gülen Movement for İzmir and other cities in western Turkey. Baz was coordinating the movement's activities in the region including blackmailing and threatening local officials to work for the interests of the movement, according to media outlets. Like Gülen, Bekir Baz moved to the U.S. last year after the government stepped up operations against Gülenists.(4)

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